Triceratops Design is an independent visual design and art studio based in Dalian, producing a diverse range of work spanning across brand visual identity design, art direction, package design, web design and editorial design,etc.

We believe good design comes from concept-driven, unlimited questioning combined with an empathic and curious approach.

Mohan Shi

Artist + Art Director

As principal at Triceratops Designs, Momo uses her design experience to support brands of all sizes in telling their stories through timeless visuals and strategic thinking. Momo’s philosophy of continuity, resilience and simplicity result in elegant and sophisticated works aimed to stand the test of time. As a true artisan, when not in front of her computer, She can be found painting in her studio, seeking inspiration in antique shops, or traveling the globe.

Daniel Li

Operations + Senior Designer

Daniel provides the structure needed for our artistry to flourish here at Triceratops Designs. He is an organizational guru, and infuses his savvy into our daily operations, marketing, process development, and project management. Our consistent delivery and results directly correspond to his analytical and technical prowess. Out of the office, Daniel can be found unleashing his creativity through brainstorm and working out.

Other Staff:

Mingkai Zhang (Senior Web Designer)

Hiko Song (Senior Graphic Designer)

Chunwei Bao (Senior Graphic Designer)